this isn't JUST a cult

A part-time cabal. A fusion of assemblage art, hurly-burly, bedlam, disquiet and poetry. A band. A collaboration. A constellation. A work of real fiction.

New Podcast Episode: Gelatinous Catapults. Our in-depth, focus-group research has strongly indicated that this is exactly what YOU are looking for: A one-of-kind episode about flowers, squirrels, stew, goo, innovation, corporate culture and country music. Of course, there is a heaping helping of Bosky Rumbluffer and a beautiful ditty about sleeping on a futon. It’s pert’near perfect. Björ6n Oranj, Chris Campbell, M0ssy Tr0n along with Jack Billings, Mike Colby and Abigail Reynolds of the JACK BILLINGS PRESENTS: Me and My Neighbor Michael podcast. Featuring music from Machete Petals, Bosky Rumbluffer, The Halcyon Brothers, Squinting Matador and Björ6n Oranj featuring M0ssy Tr0n. You can find it everywhere including  Stitcher, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Anchor, Breaker, Overcast, TuneIn, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, RadioPublic , Spotify , YouTube and, right here, under the podcast tab.

Album Release: 20 years later, SQUID1969 finally gets a proper release. A Stockpile of Tepid Hits is a complete catalog of the band’s career which began and flamed out in 1999. Sonic experiments with a sampling keyboard and a drum machine. Lyrics from the minutiae of life. 14 Killer tracks plus 23 more are now available everywhere including: Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play Music and CDBaby. Featuring Björ6n Oranj, Chris Campbell [aka The Creeping Man] and Bosky Rumbluffer.

Album Release: After 17 years, the first album from The Halcyon Brothers  is finally available to the masses. Recorded in 2002, A Dusty Bible Leads to a Dirty Life reunites Björ6n OranjBosky Rumbluffer from their days in Squid1969 . The resulting sound decorates the weight of the world in a charming and medicated disguise. It embraces with a clinched smile, and then stumbles and occasionally falls only to somehow prop itself back up for another round. The naked and soaked emotions reveal a need for rather than a dispersion of serenity. Listen now at Bandcamp. , Spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay Music and YouTube Music.

Album Release: Shake Hands with Danger was written and recorded over the course of two years in Tanzania, The United States of America, Mexico and Vietnam. It is experimental and personal. Although there is a rotating cast of collaborators, the band is centered around the beats of Christopher Campbell [The Creeping Man & Squid1969] and the lyrics/vox of Björ6n Oranj [The Halcyon Brothers, Squid1969 and Squinting Matador]. Other contributors include Mint Machete, Bosky Rumbluffer [The Halcyon Brothers, Antheap, Pop Creeps, The Vanishing Spies, Revo, Bosky and The Rumbluffers]. You can find it on all your favorite platforms including Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Deezer & Google Play.