this isn't JUST a cult

A part-time cabal. A fusion of assemblage art, hurly-burly, bedlam, disquiet and poetry. A band. A collaboration. A constellation. A work of real fiction.

New Podcast Episode: There are a lot of podcasts out there and that means there is a pretty vast podcast community. Really, the only folks listening to podcasts are individuals who are also making podcasts. Since only 17 people worldwide are actually earning any sort of profit from producing podcasts, the community relies on each other to for technological, legal, promotional and voice-over assistance. Members of that community have appeared on this very show, and This Isn’t Just a Cult’s Björ6n Oranj has provided the voice of Sherlock Butternuts on Hey, That’s No Way to Say Hello, Mr. Magnet on Your Yo-Yo’s Got to Go-Go, and Dr. Jack Billings on Jack Billings Presents: Me and My Neighbor Michael. In this episode, Björ6n guides you through some of his guest appearances as pharmacist and mayoral candidate Dr. Jack Billings. Featured music in this episode includes Cypress Monolith (the Jericho Smile), Quixotic Demagogue and Jingoistic Juggernaut by Squinting Matador.

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Album Release: It’s been nine years since The Halcyon Brothers  released new music. The wait is over.  Björ6n OranjBosky Rumbluffer deliver 10 tracks in under 30 minutes. We Might Fall Apart is rattled rock for addled times. Also in the mix are contributions from Zack Scott, The Creeping Man and Mint Machete. Check out what Kira Grunenberg of Throw the Dice and Play Nice had to say about it here.
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New Music: Björ6n Oranj has a new track out on all the platforms.

We are all just looking to be loved. The list is long. The list is true…and…She’s Just Like You.

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Bosky Greatest Hits!!!: Our man Bosky Rumbluffer, cult member extraordinaire, has gone through his own solo releases over the past 25 years to handpick his personal favorites. One track each from 14 different albums.

In his own words, “YES! Hear the evolution of one of the world’s most mediocre songwriters on one LP! Sequenced in chronological order, you will hear the utter stagnation of a true songwriting middler. ENJOY!”

Find it now on Bandcamp.