More than anything, This Isn’t Just a Cult is collaboration. Therefore, there are a number of artists that are  affiliated with the group.  Each project has different members participating. The following  are some of the main contributors.

björ6n oranj

Many rumors exist about the origins of Bjor6n Oranj.  For purposes of this bio, we will attempt to keep it factual.  Bjor6n Oranj is the the central curator for This Isn’t Just a Cult.  He is a creator of sound, assemblage, collaboration, words, thoughts, mayhem, dismay, philosophy and so much more.  His location is hard to pin down.  He is somewhere. His spelling is suspect.

He was a founding member of the bands Squid1969, Squinting Matador, The Halcyon Brothers, Latent Glass Chamber, This Isn’t Just a Cult and has work with other artists such as Mint Machete, Samwel Owens, and 5 Second Tommy.

You can stream his recordings at Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, Apple Music, SoundCloud and many, many other places.

Christopher Campbell

Sound experimenter  Christopher Campbell fumbles around with sonic hardware and hopes for the best. As The Creeping Man, drones, dark ambient turbulence, and spliced pandemonium rise to the fore. He is also a member of TIJAC and  Thrill Behind Barks. He has collaborated with Black Pill Machine, Metrical Dimensions, and Naviskie. The Creeping Man is usually free for the taking at Bandcamp.

He makes a lot of videos.

Learn more at his website.

erik blagsvedt

Maybe you know him as Qwertymonk or Machete Petals or Mint Machete.  Maybe you know him as the Jack Kerouac of stay-at-home dads.  Maybe you don’t know him.  He probably knows you.  Erik Blagsvedt has beeen wielding, harnessing, summoning, manipulating and destroying expectations of guitar for many years.  Most guitars love him, and most are a little weary.  You know how you feel about roller-coasters.  Yep, it’s like that.

Check him out on TIJAC and Bjor6n Oranj tracks or at his SoundCloud page. 

bosky rumbluffer

Bosky Rumbluffer (aka Sean McNamee) is a musician/songwriter who’s been in the game for many a year.  He has a distinguished solo catalog, as well as several collaborations including The Halcyon Brothers, The Vanishing Spies, Antheap and so on.  He has been an idea realizer for SQUID1969 and other sundry projects.  When not making music he enjoys whiskey, beer and hanging out with his supportive and talented wife Xtina.  In fact, he enjoys whiskey and beer WHILE making music. And cigarettes.  They help him think.  And hanging out with his wife.  And their two cats.  Really cool cats.  He’s a big fan of pizza.  He’s an incredibly simple fella who loves music and its creation. You can check him out at Bandcamp.

zack scott

Would like to discuss Daniel Johnston?  Or, maybe Peter Gabriel, Captain Beefheart, Alice Copper’s first two albums?  Maybe obscure 78s from the Thai countryside are your thing. They are his thing.  You see, Mr. Scott is a musical scholar.  This works out pretty good since he is also a music teacher. Further, he’s a hired gun. Do you need drums? He can do that. Bass, guitar, keys, vibraphone.  No problem.

He has recorded and played live with many groups.  You might like the work he did in The Halcyon Brothers.  His drums are pretty spectacular. Seriously, check it out. 

His solo work is exquisite. It will put a smile on your face. Find it everywhere including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.