this isn't just a cult

Bjor6n Oranj created another psychedelic video with due thanks to the polytrope projections of David Madore.

Bjor6n Oranj created this trippy little video that reminds you what William Blake stated, poison is standing water.

Christopher Campbell puts together another captivating video to remind us to choose our companions wisely when our hearts are about to explode from love, anxiety and fear.

Inspired, sort of, maybe, probably by Terence Malick’s 1973 film Badlands, minus the murder spree, it’s a song about the love that happens when you can’t trust yourself so you trust someone else and give up caring about anything other than that bond.

A drunk, drinking song that echoes life long about egos and heroes and minds on the run.

A morality tale for birds of a feather with deep, ominous, foreboding drones and wiggly beats built to confuse those waiting to be famous.

the halcyon brothers

Memories can be gossamer, floating in the air with indeterminate and shifting landings. Quite often they are distortions. Sometimes we only remember what we want to remember. Sometimes we only remember the suntastic weekends.

Some say the that the Kennedy Family might be cursed. Being loved and allowing yourself to be loved can be difficult for everyone. Once you find that special someone, you want to avoid the tragedy of losing them. You might need a Kennedy Remedy before you get on a plane.

the creeping man

The Creeping Man [a.k.a. Christopher Campbell] has soooooooooooooooo many videos. They are worth the watch and are not listed here completely. Sit back with headphones and view The Creeping Man experience at his channel.

Inspired by an old friend in the cassette-trading days of the late 80’s who recorded under the name JOY BEFORE THE STORM. JBS was an experimental fantasy-land filled with sonic wonder.


Jackson is a cautionary tale from SQUID1969. This video is directed by The Creeping Man himself, Chris Campbell. You can find it on A Stockpile of Tepid Hits which is a complete catalog of the band’s career beginning and flaming out in 1999. 14 Killer tracks plus 23 more are now available everywhere including: Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play Music and CDBaby.

Itchin’ To Make it Right is the musical equivalent of a hangover-induced migraine. A lamentation of self-induced destruction. A slow, churning retrospective of the waste of life. Missed opportunities drowning in ethanol, grains, fruits and sugar.

You can find it everywhere including Bandcamp and Spotify.

bosky rumbluffer

Cult member Chris Campbell [aka The Creeping Man] created this nifty instructional video for the very helpful ditty written and performed by fellow cult member Bosky Rumbluffer.

Bosky Rumbluffer has a solo alum called Love Smudge.  On that album, you can find the indie-rock masterpiece By the Bunge.  Lampshades, a couch, cockroaches and a ginormous bass line.