this isn't JUST a cult

A part-time cabal. A fusion of assemblage art, hurly-burly, bedlam, disquiet and poetry. A band. A collaboration. A constellation. A work of real fiction.

New Album: The official release of the second album from the collective known as This Isn’t Just a Cult, Boy Scout Bubblegum, is now available wherever you find your listening pleasures. 

Recorded in the Tanzania, Mexico, Vietnam and the United States, these six songs explore the electro-industrial territory of Renegade Soundwave, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails from the perspective of a first time tank driver spilling their cocktail while trying to adjust their night vision goggles. Enjoy.

You can find it on all your favorite platforms including Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer & YouTube Music.