this isn't JUST a cult

A part-time cabal. A fusion of assemblage art, hurly-burly, bedlam, disquiet and poetry. A band. A collaboration. A constellation. A work of real fiction.

New Podcast Episode: Björ6n’s Book Reviews. Apparently people are looking for something to read. We have been getting a number of inquiries asking for recommendations. So, Björ6n Oranj is offering up some of his latest finds. You’ll get a variety: paranormal action-adventure, inspirational biography, community drama, experimental fiction and quirky non-fiction.

Featured music in this episode includes:
Not This by Mint Machete
She’s Just Like You by Björ6n Oranj
This episode was produced and narrated by Björ6n Oranj.
Are you a Prince fan? We are. If you are not, there is clearly something wrong with you. Check out The Mountains and the Sea to get your Prince podcast fix.

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Album Release: Inspired by long forgotten electronic ephemera, The Creeping Man returns with 33 minutes of blissful dark ambient minimalism.

“I have always been interested with ephemera–old receipts, pamphlets, letters, postcards, etc. The fact that decades old transitory items have avoided the trash heap is rather fascinating. As I started work on this album, my interest in the old reared its head in the form of electronic ephemera–long forgotten educational filmstrips and feature-length movies that had fallen into the public domain.” – The Creeping Man

Listen or purchase Nothing to Be Afraid Of at Bandcamp.

Album Release: The Creeping Man delves into side project territory with Thrill Behind Barks, a consortium among himself, Divider Line, and Jason Herrbolt—three amigos with a burning sensation for dark atmospheres and experimental noisescapes. Three In a Cell is an eleven track sonic experience best suited for those with a strong constitution. Listen and purchase at Bandcamp.
Album Release: It’s been a long wait, but the wait is over. Zack Scott, cult member in good standing as the go to drummer and sometime multi-instrumentalist for The Halcyon Brothers, has released Seahorse to the masses. With elements of this album dating back to 2007, Zack and a large cast of contributing friends where able to complete most of the recording in the summer of 2018. In November of 2019, Seahorse made it’s way to Bandcamp  and now it is available just about everywhere including Spotify and Apple Music. The album displays Zack’s keen observations and devotion to the sophisticated pop sounds of the 70s. Think Harry Nilsson, Todd Rundgren or Badfinger and enjoy.